Christ Edu-care Centre

In God we trust

Principal Louisa Impasso
Principal Louisa Impasso

Cell: 078 852 1673

27843 Bloom Way

Delft South


What is the reason behind your school’s name?

I didn’t plan to start an ECD Centre, but God called me, through the people of my neighbourhood, to start it. Only through and with God's guidance, I started the Centre and hence the name.

What are you grateful for about your school?

That, from nothing, now already 15 years later, we are still going strong.


Make sure our ECD is a welcoming and safe environment for children to develop in the correct manner.


To provide a safe, happy, secure and stimulating environment for your child.

What extra services do you offer to the children of your school?

  • transport to and from the school
  • meals during school hours, but only when we get sponsored for it
  • an aftercare service for gr. 1-3 school children

What are the most important needs regarding your school right now?

  • the building to be expanded
  • a salary increase for my teachers
  • non-perishable food

What are the most important prayer requests regarding your school?

  • that God will send me Godfearing, kind, enduring and patient teachers with a vision for children
  • to be focused on Gods will
  • for unity in the community for the children’s sake and a vision for the next generation

E-mail[email protected]

Hours: Mon. - Fri.     06:00 - 18:00

Esther Kaunda (3 mths-2 yrs)
Esther Kaunda (3 mths-2 yrs)
Tafadzwa Impasso (2-4 yrs)
Tafadzwa Impasso (2-4 yrs)
Happiness Matoro (4-5 yrs)
Happiness Matoro (4-5 yrs)