Kindergarten Educare Centre

Help me do it myself

Principal Namatirai Chigora (3-5 yrs)
Principal Namatirai Chigora (3-5 yrs)

Cell: 071 056 5202

29201 Empress tree Street

Delft South


Eness Chirwa (2-3 yrs)
Eness Chirwa (2-3 yrs)

What is the reason behind your school’s name?

I was working for a German lady and I liked the German version of the name.

What are you grateful for about your school?

That I managed to complete Amazing Brainz’s course and got the resources I need to teach.


  • to promote a safe place for children between ages 1-5 years of age
  • to make children feel that they are part of the good citizens in society
  • to promote none discriminatory practices and embrace culture diversity
  • to promote a desirable healthy development lifestyle for all children from a very young age
  • to provide a ‘KNOW & BE SAFE’ bridging policy
  • to deliver excellent and quality service in areas of cleanliness, education, love and discipline
  • to promote ECD learning programs that are par-excellent that propels children to academic excellence


  • teaching that is based on and formed around the developmental needs of every child; not forcing them to adapt to the education system
  • working with various organizations, community and other stakeholders that deal with ECDs
  • to be the most sought after ECD in the Western Cape that promotes academic excellence
  • to show passion on all children and promote the love and beauty of learnership
  • owning the responsibility of providing a well-balanced, safe, intimate and loving environment for every child to develop in all areas of growth to fully develop and gain independence focusing on our theme and slogan, ‘HELP ME DO IT MYSELF’

What extra services do you offer to the children of your school?

  • daily meals (breakfast + lunch) during school hours

What are the most important needs regarding your school right now?

  • I have had to move the school 3 times and therefore urgently need a more permanent and bigger place to establish the school.

What are the most important prayer requests regarding your school?

  • for a more permanent and bigger place to establish the school

E-mail: [email protected]

Hours:     Mon. - Fri.     06:00 - 18:00