Little Pirates

Little Pirates Educare

Work like a captain - play like a pirate

Principal Aneeqa Noordien (4-5yrs)
Principal Aneeqa Noordien (4-5yrs)

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72 Noordpol Crescent


What is the reason behind your school’s name?

It’s unique and different; it’s also a fun name. I wasn't going to deep in thought and didn't want to copy other crèches.

What are you grateful for about your school?

I am grateful for the children - taking care of these little ones. I am also grateful for the staff, helping hands, a safe environment, parents trusting us with the kids, having a job, that there is a meal everyday, running water, a toilet that flushes and beds they can sleep on. I am also grateful for our learning program.

What are your vision and mission for the school?

Our vision is to create a safe and fun environment for learning, and to create a home away from home. Our vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. We know that each child is unique and special and a positive early childhood experience is instrumental in later life.

Little Pirates Educare’s mission is to promote high quality education and childcare. Our program promotes opportunity for children to develop and grow in a positive manner through appropriate role modelling. Our mission is to nurture the “WHOLE CHILD” in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual developments. Through our Amazing Brainz program and activities we will enhance the mental development and recognize the individual needs of each child.

What extra services do you offer to the children of your school

  • transport from the school in the afternoon
  • an aftercare service

What are the most important needs/prayer requests regarding your school right now?

  • for an honest, affordable and patient architect to draw up and finalize the building plans
  • to get the school's vegetable garden going again
  • outdoor equipment (toys)


Cell: 065 906 5690

E-mail: [email protected]


  • Mon. - Thurs.  07:00 - 17:00
  • Fri.                    07:00 - 15:00
Charlton Isaacs (2-3yrs)
Charlton Isaacs (2-3yrs)