Little Stars

Little Stars Educare

Principal Paula Jason (1½-2yrs)
Principal Paula Jason (1½-2yrs)

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200 Roosendaal Rd


What is the reason behind your school’s name?

Little is much, when God is in it.

What are you grateful for about your school?

  • to see the outcome when we are done with our activities
  • the feedback we get from our previous learner’s parents
  • that through the grace of God, we are part of implementing the Amazing Brainz learning program

What is your school’s vision?

  • to provide education and ensure children are prepared and ready for school
  • to develop each child to their full potential within education and socially acceptable values
  • to protect the right of the child and keep them safe

What is your school’s mission?

  • to help our community who cannot afford expensive ECD Centers
  • to ensure and prepare little children for school
  • to offer employment opportunities to the community if and where possible

What extra services do you offer to the children of your school?

  • daily meals (breakfast + lunch) during school hours

What are the most important needs/prayer requests regarding your school right now?

  • to be registered at a feeding scheme so that we can get non-perishable food for the meals we provide for the children
  • burglar bar fences to close up the front of the school
  • 2 x sliding doors for the inside of the school to make movement between classes easier
  • a generator for the school


Cell: 061 889 7210

E-mail: [email protected]


  • Mon. - Thurs.  06:00 - 17:30
  • Fri.                    06:00 - 16:30
Taryn Greeff (2-4yrs)
Taryn Greeff (2-4yrs)
Sharon Matthee (4-5yrs)
Sharon Matthee (4-5yrs)
Jennifer Jason (assistant)
Jennifer Jason (assistant)