Toolkits for Crèches

AmazingBrainz has a “toolkit” they developed that forms a crucial part of their learning programme and that gets used daily as part of the learning process in the class. The “toolkit” contains various educational toys that are used and applied in different learning activities (multi-purpose). These activities are developed and adapted to bring their learning…


Principal Camp 2020

27 -29 November 2020 the Principals of the 17 creches we currently support with ECD training in Delft were invited to join Shofar Christian Church Durbanville on a camp near Tulbagh. The reason behind this was to celebrate these wonderful ladies and share in the goodness and love of God after a challenging 2020. It…


Micro MBA 2020

Shofar Durbanville sponsored the principals of the crèches we are involved with to a micro MBA during lockdown. They worked very hard and learned a lot. Thank you Shofar Durbanville!


Toy drive 2019

On the 4th of December 2019 a group of approximately a 100 volunteers came together to wash, sow, fix and build previously loved toys donated by the Durbanville community. We were blown away by the quality and quantity of toys dropped. Relationships were strengthened and joyful hope imparted when we delivered these toys to the…

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Bainskloof Camp 2019

November 2019 the Delft ECD Educators that took part in the AmazingBrainz 25-week early childhood development training course, celebrated some quality time together. They were treated to all kinds of fun activities, including informative sessions presented by Smart Life.


Awaken 2018

4 August 2018 Shofar hosted Awaken 2018 at Hindle High School in Delft. What a glorious morning it was! The ladies had a wonderful time together, painting each others nails, worshipping together and of course a lot of eating and drinking.


Amazing Brainz Training

July 2018 we embarked on a journey to reach and serve the children of Delft, Cape Town through curriculum training of ECD principals and educators provided by Amazing Brainz. With our first round, we worked with 18 schools and 76 educators. The first group has finished their training and their schools are flourishing after the…


Covid Response

The ‘Delft ECD Project’ started 2020 with clear objectives. All these dreams and objectives however came to a grinding halt when Covid-19 struck. After regrouping and realizing our mandate would change in this time of crisis, we perceived with thankful hearts that a figurative ark had been build, ready to shelter a small community of…