Amazing Brainz Training

July 2018 we embarked on a journey to reach and serve the children of Delft, Cape Town through curriculum training of ECD principals and educators provided by Amazing Brainz.

With our first round, we worked with 18 schools and 76 educators. The first group has finished their training and their schools are flourishing after the journey of more than two years with Amazing Brainz.  We have already begun training our second group in Delft and our hope is to take 80 more educators through the curriculum training.

Our vision is the following:

  • For the future of the children: To provide a strong academic foundation for preschool children in Delft through curriculum training presented to principals and educators at established ECD centres and so better prepare the children in their care for success at school and ultimately to build stronger careers as adults.
  • To support the building of sustainable quality businesses: To assist ECD centres to provide quality education and to assist and guide in the process of registration at The Department of Social Development in order for the ECD centres to receive the social grant from government with which they can subsidize their school and maintain their infrastructure and so build a sustainable business without over populating their centres and compromising of quality education.