Toolkits for Crèches

AmazingBrainz has a “toolkit” they developed that forms a crucial part of their learning programme and that gets used daily as part of the learning process in the class. The “toolkit” contains various educational toys that are used and applied in different learning activities (multi-purpose). These activities are developed and adapted to bring their learning programme over the year alive and make learning accessible and joyful for small children. The content of “toolkit” is well thought through to enhance learning but also to last in order to serve many children year after year as the items are practical and hardy.  In December 2021 we have started with a new group of 80 educators from 20 Delft ECD schools.

This “toolkit” is an incredible investment into a community if placed into the hands of an AmazingBrainz trained educator. With this we want to invite you to sponsor a “toolkit” or make a donation towards such a toolkit(s).  The cost per toolkit is R3 800 per teacher.