Covid Response

The ‘Delft ECD Project’ started 2020 with clear objectives.
All these dreams and objectives however came to a grinding halt when Covid-19 struck.

After regrouping and realizing our mandate would change in this time of crisis, we perceived with thankful hearts that a figurative ark had been build, ready to shelter a small community of creche educators and their children from the brutal impact COVID-19 would have on them financially and practically.
We, due to willing hands and generous donors could respond and reach out to these beautiful women and children in their time of need.

Food vouchers, food parcels and three soup kitchens varying in size served a community of over a thousand individuals. More than R750 000 was poured into Delft to feed and encourage those we have grown to know and love over the last few years.

Despite the challenges 2020 brought we are thankful that some of our objectives and dreams were achieved and our motivation is stronger than ever to see how we can serve the ECD community of Delft going forward.